Tis the season for poker, but blackjack will always be better

Here are a few reasons why blackjack will always be better than poker

Tis the season for poker, but blackjack will always be better

July is a big month for blackjack’s casino rival: deuces wild poker. Ever since the “poker craze” of the early 2000’s, blackjack has somewhat been in the shadows in terms of popularity and that’s never more so than when the annual World Series of Poker is held in Las Vegas during the summer months.

The WSOP just wrapped up, with winner John Cynn taking home $8.8 million after a grueling 10-hour Texas Hold'Em final table matchup. But despite all the hoopla and attention poker gets at this time of the year, we at PlayBlackjack.com hold an unwavering love for old “21” – even if we do offer four different types of poker and a slew of video poker option in our online casino.

Here are a few reasons why blackjack will always be better than poker:

Time at the table
It took World Series of Poker champ John Cynn 10 hours to defeat Tony Myles and claim the gold bracelet – and all the glory that goes with it. That’s the thing with poker, it ain’t over until it’s over. Players could go back and forth trading chips for hours and hours, only to end up losing it all in the end.

With blackjack you can stay as long as you like. And you can leave whenever you want, taking your winnings with you. As most blackjack players will tell you, the game is perfect for whatever kind of experience you want: go ahead and play a 10-hour session at the table, if that’s what you’re after. Or, you can kill some time with a couple quick hands and be done in a matter of minutes. The choice is yours.

Cards are the cards
Being a successful poker player is more about reading your opponents than the luck of the draw. And while there is some mathematics and strategy around the cards showing on the table, there is a large “human element” to poker that can be unpredictable and intimidating to players new to the game.

With blackjack, there is no bluffing. There’s no lying or hiding. The cards are what they are. Players can feel confident in employing their own strategy or card-counting system without having to pick up tells or tips. And that makes blackjack appealing to experienced casino players and new gamblers trying blackjack for the first time.

Set your limits
Poker is often a game of intimidation, in which the player with the largest stack of chips dictates the table and can bully people out of playing or out of a pot simply because they have more money than the others. This can often lead poker players to go broke much quicker, and a money management or wagering system can’t stand up to the erratic betting patterns found in poker.

With blackjack, high rollers and low rollers can play together in perfect harmony. Each player can bet within their own limits – given particular table rules – and stick to a money management or risk strategy without outside influence from others at the table.

Friendly confines
Unlike most variations of poker, especially Texas Hold ‘Em, blackjack is everyone versus the dealer, instead of player-versus-player competition. That means you’ll find a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the blackjack table, with a sense of comradery as you and your fellow players take on the house.

Poker most often is a cut-throat game in which players hold a lot of animosity for each other, as they try and swindle, bluff, and read their way to the jackpot. There’s only one winner per hand in poker, but in blackjack you can have multiple winners per round. In short: you’re among friends when saddling up at the blackjack table.

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