Beware the scariest Halloween hands in blackjack

“Walking dead” hands.

Beware the scariest Halloween hands in blackjack | News Article by

Halloween is on the way and while plenty of folks get their chills from scary movies or spooky ghost stories, free blackjack online players stay up at night dreading these “walking dead” hands. You know how to kill a vampire (steak through the heart) and a werewolf (silver bullets) but do you know how to play these very scary deals?

Dealer showing 10/face card
Even if you’re sitting with a solid hand, the dealer showing a 10-value card will give even the most experienced blackjack player the willies. Yes, there’s a good chance the dealer is going to hit a 20 – if they don’t have blackjack right away – or at least a very competitive hand. Your best plan of attack is to be aggressive. If you’re sitting at 15 or 16, you will want to hit knowing the odds call for the dealer to end up with 17 or higher. Speaking of 16…

Player getting dealt a 16
Ah crap. If a hand of 16 were Halloween candy it would be plain potato chips. You don’t want to eat them but you probably will. Sixteen is the “no man’s land” of blackjack, forcing the player to make a big decision: stand and hope the dealer busts or hit and pray you draw a 5 or lower. It’s almost like those terrible Saw movies, where a murderous genius forces his victim to make gruesome choices to stay alive. OK, it might not be that dire but wait until you’re sitting at the table staring at a scary 16.

Player getting dealt a six or lower
The cards came down and you’re sitting with two that equal to six or less, which means get ready for a wild ride. You know you’re hitting, but how many times? Of course, those decisions are made depending on what the dealer has up, but it’s always nerve racking to sit through hit after hit, knowing a face card could crush you at any turn. You’re going to want to institute a high/low card-counting system in these case, which should give you a clearer idea of what is coming out of the shoe. - Site: Casino Games | Mobile Games | Bonus | Comp Program | Cashier | Join Here