Know the subtle difference in these popular casino games

If you’re looking to take a quick break from the quest for 21

Three other casino games blackjack players will love | News Article by

Three other casino games blackjack players will love 
You love blackjack. Hell, we all do. But sometimes you’re in the mood something different. While PlayBlackjack has multiple variations of our favorite game, we also offer a full menu of other casino favorites. 
So, if you’re looking to take a quick break from the quest for 21, try these three casino game that aren’t blackjack but share traits with the popular offering. 
One of the reasons we love blackjack is the comradery at the table, with every player trying to beat the dealer. It’s a great social game if you’re open to chatting up your neighbor. Craps takes that social aspect as amplifies it by 1,000 – which we’re sure you know if you’ve ever heard a sudden roar from the craps table. With multiple players wagering on the shooter’s roll, you have friends betting with you and enemies betting against you. Learn how to play craps and then hope you’re ready for some high fives and dirty looks. 
Blackjack players love to play the odds, especially those counting cards. Factoring in the probability of every card coming out of the shoe gives a sense of security and control. Enter roulette, which is about as random as you’re going to get. If you’re craving a little chaos, this is your games. Thankfully, roulette has a laundry list of ways to wager, which should calm the nerves of any blackjack player. Want to shake things up? Give the roulette wheel a spin. 
Video poker 
Blackjack is a great game because you can play at any pace you like. More methodical players can take their time with each hand, while those looking for some quick action can press the tempo. If you like to get in a few hands as fast as you can, video poker is for you. Players simply click the button, choose which cards they want to hold on to, click again, and payout. Boom bam! Fast, simple and really, really fun. - Site: Casino Games | Mobile Games | Bonus | Comp Program | Cashier | Join Here